P5T – What we have been learning this week 13.12.19


We are enjoying the class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. We are continuing to try to get evidence from the book to support what we say/think about the book.

In Writing, we wrote about the advantages of plants. This was after a big discussion, watching a clip and a visit from Mrs Ritchie telling us all about plants – who knew there was so many things to plants!

We revised our spelling rules from the last couple of weeks (f – ves and y – ies). Some of us are finding this a bit tricky! We will continue our revision next week but focus on patterns/rules we found the hardest.


Activities to do at home:

  • Draw the main event of a story you are reading
  • Read a book and think about ways an author shows you something (e.g. how does the author build tension in the story. They may use words and actions to do this – try to identify them.


Maths and Numeracy

We looked at the perimeter of shapes – we know this is the total distance of the sides of a shape. We also looked at the relationship between multiplication and division and used this knowledge to help us answer questions.

Activities to do at home:


Other areas of the curriculum

  • We decorated the class Christmas tree by designing our own decorations – it looks great!
  • We are learning how to use a word document. We wrote our plant piece of work on word and had to use different features to help us – like cut and paste.