P5W Reflective Friday 13.12.19

We’ve had a very festive week this week in P5W, starting with watching the P1 Nativity performance and finishing with our Christmas jumper day today. We also enjoyed the stalls run by parents and P7, and we’re especially proud of P7 for raising so much money in their ‘Grow a Fiver’ enterprise. Next week is our last week before Winter break!

Main Teaching Points / Spelling Rules:

  • To change a word ending in y to plural change the y to i and add es.
  • If the letter before the y in the singular word is a vowel, simply add s.

lorry                     lorries

army                     armies

injury                   injuries

family                   families

lady                      ladies

reply                     replies

raspberry              raspberries

daisy                    daisies

country                 countries

tray                      trays

monkey                monkeys

holiday                 holidays


gone                     done