Week beginning 09.12.19

We have been practising all week for our carol concert which will be on Thursday 19th December at 2.30pm in the new hall. All parents and families are welcome to attend. We will be asking for a small donation at the end of the concert to raise money for our chosen charity: the Guide Dogs.

Cheryl came to speak to us from the Guide Dogs with her puppy called Tommy. We found out about the important jobs guide dogs do to help blind and visually impaired people. Cheryl has to teach Tommy to be obedient, she has to socialise him so he is used to going on trains and buses and going places like the cinema or the supermarket. Cheryl has to teach Tommy to always come back when she blows a whistle three times and she has to teach him to go to the toilet in one place. Guide dogs have a special word that tells them when to go to the toilet.

We have been working on our subtraction skills in maths. Some of us were using counting backwards in our heads or on a number line to help us subtract. Some of us were using an empty number line to help us subtract. An empty number line means you can count backwards in bigger jumps.

In literacy, we re-told our reading books by making a comic. We had to choose the most important things that happened in the story and only put those in. We liked making speech bubbles to show what the characters were saying.

We also split up into our different learning teams and had a chance to work with people from other classes across the school.

We loved going to the cinema, especially sitting in the big, comfy sofas!

Learning Stories

Thank you for taking the time to look at your child’s learning story. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning with them. Learning stories from last year have come home today for you to keep. Can any learning stories for this year please be returned to school as soon as possible, thank you!