P7 Make £5 grow enterprise – grand total

On Tuesday the 10th of December we held our enterprise selling day.

Since the October holidays we have been working hard in our enterprise teams. We had to decide what we wanted to make and sell and cost it out to see if we could afford to make it within our £5 per person budget. Then we had to carry out some market research to see if people would buy our product and then put together a presentation with out market research and costings to show that we were ready to have out £5 given to us to go home and spend.

Amazingly, Mrs Imrie, Ms Lyon and Mr Chalmers we all got given out £5 and each group went off to go and start buying and making their products ready to sell on the 10th. In class we did lots of work on marketing and displaying our products so people would want to buy them.

On the 10th we finally got to sell our products! It was great fun selling and we were amazed at how much money we made at each stall.

Our grand total was £1217.55 so taking away our costs of £300 our total profit of £917.55!