Week beginning 13.01.20

Happy 2020! We have launched straight into the new year and have been working very hard this week.

We have started exploring multiplication in maths this week. We have been looking at using equal groups to solve problems and show our understanding. We watched this video to help us understand how multiplication sums work.

In literacy we investigated poetry and have been looking for patterns in the sounds and on the page. We discovered that sometimes poem rhyme but they don’t always have to, poems describe a feeling, place, person, thing, weather and seasons and we thought poems were another way to tell a story. We had a go at performing a poem and got to be poetry critics! We analysed ‘shape’ poems and thought about why we liked them.

Our spelling sound this week was the or sound but spelt with au (as in haul and author) or an aw (as in paw or lawyer). We had to think carefully about whether the sound was the or sound or another sound. It’s tricky because the au in cause makes an or sound but the au sound in because doesn’t.

We were learning to open applications and change the size of windows during ICT this week. We could all open applications but some of us found trying to have two windows open side by side on the same screen more of a challenge.

We had music with Mary from the National Youth Choir of Scotland on Tuesday. She taught us some new songs and we were learning about beats and rhythms with her.

Class notices

PE this term will be on a Monday and a Wednesday.

New reading books went out this week, please check purple folders. In class we have been talking about poetry as a genre.

Please can any Learning Stories still at home please be returned to school, thank you!

Please see the earlier post this week about Burns poetry for Home Learning.

Our topic for the next few weeks will be the emergency services. If there are any parents/family members who work in this area and would be willing to share their experiences with P3, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Collyns and P3C