P3 Home Learning – Poems in Scots

We have been learning about poetry this week and have been thinking about actions we can use as we recite the words of a poem. With 25 January not too far away, we have been discussing Robert Burns and his poem ‘My Hoggie’.

We would like everyone in P3 to learn a poem written in Scots and be ready to recite it to the class or a small group on Wednesday or Thursday next week. We have sent some poems home as suggestions but would be delighted to hear any poem (in Scots) that you enjoy. You might learn a whole poem or even just part of one and you may recite your poem on your own or in a small group. It will help you to perform your poem with actions and expression if you are able to recite it without reading the words, but do not worry if you don’t manage to do this.

The school is holding a ‘Celebration of Burns’ on Friday next week (24 January) and someone / a group from each class will be selected to recite their poem. If you think you would like to do this, you will need to be prepared to perform your poem in front of the class first of all and then your class teacher will select someone / a group based on that performance. (We will not ask anybody to do this if they do not wish to.)

If you would like to be considered, please select one of the poems from the list sent home so that we do not recite the same poem as another year stage.

When selecting for the ‘Celebration of Burns’, we will be looking for individuals (on their own or as part of a group) who:

  • speak in a clear voice that others are able to hear.
  • show they have thought about making their poem interesting for others to listen to by thinking about some actions to go with the words.

We would love to hear any Scottish songs or tunes you can play on an instrument too and will consider these for the whole school celebration.