P1/2 Learning Ladybirds 24.01.2020

P1/2 Learning Ladybirds Blog



This week we have been:

  • Exploring new sounds made up of two single sounds (digrapghs). We were learning how to read, write and use the sounds th and wh (All)
  • Learning about ‘Magic e’ and how it changes the letter sound to the letter name (P2)
  • Exploring what happens to words with ‘i’ in the middle when we add ‘Magic e’ (P2)
  • Tricky words – be and she
  • Continuing developing writing skills using our ‘non-negotiables’: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops (All)
  • This week we were writing about nocturnal animals – ask me an owl fact!
  • Exploring how to extend our writing by using connectives (and/because) (mainly P2)
  • Developing our reading skills within in reading groups as well as extra reading with Miss McGhee
  • Exploring how to be an author and create a new story! (All)
  • In handwriting we have been practising pencil control and how to form letters properly
  • We have also been playing ‘paper and pencils’ with our learning partners to practise letter formation – ask me all about this at home and I can teach you how to play!
  • http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/forestPhonics/index.html



This week we have been:

  • Exploring money up to £2
  • We explored how to use the ‘£’ and ‘p’ signs
  • Learning to recognise and use money
  • This week we looked at coins and notes – we even looked at money from different countries!
  • Learning to count money and add different amounts
  • Leaning to make the same amount using different coins
  • Using money in context to ‘buy’ items
  • We also had a special visitor from The Bank of Scotland– John. He delivered a workshop talking all about money, saving and spending. We were learning about ‘needs’ and ‘wants’
  • We also took part in some spending/saving activities
  • Revising subtraction skills
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money


Other Areas

  • Our new P.E days are Monday and Thursday
  • This term we will be exploring gymnastics skills: jumping. Landing, balance and rolling
  • We will also continue to work on our fitness levels
  • Health and Wellbeing – we have a new Building Resilience topic this term: ‘Have A Goal’
  • We have introduced a ‘Free Flow’ afternoon. This is on a Tuesday. Children have to opportunity to access the other classrooms to support their learning and make wider friendship groups.
  • Free Flow’ allows the children access learning provided in other classroom to ensure consistency across the stage as well as allow them to be leaders in their own learning.
  • TOPIC – The children have asked to explore the sun and the moon and what they do to the planet. We have started by looking at ‘Day and Night’ and how animals sleep at different times.
  • This week we focussed on Nocturnal Owls.


Other Information

    • Please be mindful when choosing a snack for your child – break time is only 15minutes long and adults in the playground cannot look after snack tubs. We are also a nut-free school
    • ‘Home Learning’ for P1 will continue to be sent home on a Thursday – thank you for your continued support with this at home
    • A small plea…….if anyone could donate a box of tissues to our class that would be lovely – thank you!
  • Winter Fair – P1/2 are collecting items to make a hamper for the winter fair. If you would like to donate any food, drink or small gift items that would be greatly appreciated – if you have already donated please do not feel the need to do so again. We thank you for your support and generosity!



Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.