Week beginning 24.02.20

We started exploring Forces as a topic in science. We planned our learning by thinking about what we know already and by giving Miss Collyns questions about what we would like to know more about. We learnt that to make an object move we must apply a force. We investigated pushing and pulling as forces through different activities. We discovered that if two people use the same force on an object it will not move. We also went looking for examples of pushing and pulling forces in the classroom and the playground. We explored whether movements like squash, squeeze, twist, pinch and stretch use a push or a pull force.

In PE we were working to meet the targets we set ourselves. We were learning to control and improve our movements through different gymnastics skills. We had to use a Growth Mindset to keep trying to get better and better. Some of us were also working with a friend to help us improve.

Our spelling rule this week was about what happens to the magic e when you add an ing. We found out that the magic e disappears so ride becomes riding. Lots of us found our spelling tricky this week, especially the challenge list. Fascinating and exciting were two words in particular that most of us found hard. 

We have been working on adding different amounts of money together in maths and using these skills in our classroom stationery shop. Some of us were working on adding coins together (for example: how much is 7 10p coins and 1 50p coin altogether) and some of us were working on adding amounts together (for example: how much is 76p and £2.49 altogether). We have also been thinking about amounts in different ways. For example, £3.60 can be made with a £2, £1, 50p and 10p or it could be made with £1, £1, 50p, 50p, 20p, 20p and 20p. We can also talk about amounts of money in pounds and pence as well as in pennies. For example: £1.50 is the same as 150 pennies. 

We have been learning the months of the year in French. We used this video to help us remember them. We also noticed that the names in French look very similar to the names of the months in English.


Home Learning

Maths: any experience handling and adding real coins and money together would be fantastic. Online, the children have been using Toy Shop Money Game on Topmarks to help them and there are other money games on Topmarks. Next week we will be starting to look at making change with money. 

Science: our new topic is all about forces and we have been learning about ‘push’ and ‘pull’ this week. Think about and discuss the forces used at home and when you are out and about.

Reading: please keep reading and discussing your assigned reading books at home.