P5B Reflective Friday 28.2

Good afternoon

Here are our reflections, this week we discussed them as usual in class but two of our pupils typed their own version.


We are learning to use our understanding of money to set out a budget. We had to calculate our spending for a party.

Skills needed

The skills we are learning are communication with our partner, problem solving and we have learnt that we also need  time management. All of these were important in our budgeting task.


In P.E we were learning about jumps and leaps and we also learnt the importance of take off and landing.

Skills needed

the skills we were using was problem solving, communication and control, we love gymnastics and taking control of our movements.

Focus on skills

We are learning the difference between tasks and skills. A task is the thing that you are doing, and a skill is the thing that can help you with the task and can be transferred between tasks. We thought about the day in the life of a GP and what skills were important for them.


For home if you could learn the nine times tables of by heart. Top marks nine times table is great for practice. Also practice on SUMDOG.