Our Learning this Week in P5M


We made links to our times table knowledge and the associated fact families in order to solve division problems. 

We revised the formal written method for completing division calculations. 

We used our knowledge of table facts and multiplying by 10 and 100 to make new facts.  For example, 6×7=42, 60×7=420, 60×70=4200

We continued to develop our understanding of the 4 operations (+-x÷) to solve word problems involving money. 

Opportunities for home learning – continue to develop quick recall of times table facts, making links to division. 

We consolidated our understanding of the brackets method of multiplication.

Continue to offer real life experience of money handling, calculating/ estimating totals and change at the shops. 


Reading – We developed our skills for the Visualiser task.  We discussed the important scenes from our class novel.  We had to justify the importance of our selected scene and explain the impact on the characters, the reader and the plot. 

Writing – we experimented with longer and shorter sentences and developed our description of setting in our ‘Cat in the Window’ poems

Spelling- our rule this week was:

The letter c says s when followed by e, i or y.   To keep the sound hard we use k

e.g.  ket/chup   not cet/chup (this word would say ‘setchup’)

Opportunities for home learning – identify and discuss important scenes/ events from the stories that you read at home or films you have watched together.  Discuss how these scenes/ events have impacted the character, the plot and the reader/ observer. 

Other Curricular Areas

In gymnastics we developed our strength and balance when performing different styles of jumps using the equipment. 

We enjoyed an author visit from Helen Bowden who shared a selection of poetry for children. 

In RME we learned about Diwali and Mehndi hand patterns.   

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Nicholson