P1 Divine Dragonflies 13th March 2020

Welcome to our weekly post. We had a busy week. The children have been great at following instructions and washing their hands when asked!


We have been learning:

  • Vowel digraphs: This week we have taken time to review all the digraphs (she, the, wh, ch, ay,ai, ee,ea, igh , y). We are finding this a bit tricky.

We are working on letter/sound correspondence (linking sounds with letters of the alphabet), segmenting (‘ungluing the sounds in words they hear into individual phonemes), word-building, blending and deleting and inserting (manipulating the letter/sounds in the initial position within a word)

  • Tricky words: review of previous weeks.
  • This week we wrote about the things that we like about school.

We have continued to focus on writing sentences using capital letter to start the sentence, finger spaces and full stops at the end of the sentences

  • At reading we are working on predictions, summarising, monitoring, visualising, questioning and making connections. We are working on developing our reading skills within reading groups as well as extra reading with Mrs de Bonrostro. This week some groups enjoyed using all the words from their book to make new sentences and add words to make new/funny sentences.
  • We are doing dictation every week.


Home learning ideas:

  • Reading: work on all the sounds and tricky words provided on the blue cards (this week we have sent home igh and y). This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day. As most of the children are finding this a bit hard please ensure you continue to do that as this is vital for your child’s reading progress. We will send home the sounds that your child should continue to work on.
  • Use the spelling grid for ideas to practice the tricky words (posted before). Please spelling and writing these words correctly and can apply the recognition of these words when reading at home.
  • Reading book: read the book with your child. Use your reading caterpillars to work on comprehension and higher order thinking skills, copy the words from the book and ask your child to make sentences with them. Please ensure that your child understands the story and doesn’t memorise the book.
  • Read to your child books everyday and enjoy them.
  • If your child is enjoying writing please don’t stop them to correct the letter formation as this will stop the flow and could put him/her off from writing (letters, stories, cards, etc). After he/she has finished you can remind them the formation if you wish.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning:

  • This week we have been learning doubles to ten, ordinal numbers to ten, we have worked on what does it mean one more and one less and we have revised number bonds to ten.
  • IMG_4044

Home learning ideas:

  • Work on the Maths grid ideas posted last week.
  • Website:


Other Areas

  • Science: We celebrated British Science week! We went to P7 (the children loved being in the P7 classroom) to do an experiment.

We built lunar mountains and  the children took on the role of astronomers and used
light sources to represent the Sun and plasticine to build mountains on a lunar surface. They learned that light from the Sun is blocked by mountains on the lunar surface producing shadows. They learned that astronomers can use maths to determine the height of the mountains on the Moon if they know the length of their shadow . Therefore we measured the shadows using cubes to see which one was the longest. Afterwards we went outside to measure our shadows using feet and to compare them with our learning partners.


  • P. E: Tuesday (rolling and balancing) and Friday (fitness focus).
  • French: We have been practising greetings.
  • We have enjoyed our new toys! Here you can see us playing with our new marble run: problem solving and sharing!IMG_4049


Other Information


  • We have a whole PE kit missing, we only have the bag. We have checked every PE bag and at the lost property. Please could you check if you have any items at home that don’t belong to your child?

It would be great if the children practice at home  dressing and undressing themselves independently and gathering their things once they have done so. This will be very helpful at PE and when getting ready at the beginning and at the end of the day.


  • The last few weeks lots of items have been misplaced and looking for them is affecting our learning time. Please ensure that all items are labelled so it is easy to find them.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs de Bonrostro