P3M 20.3.20

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We were looking at interpreting block graphs and bar charts. We were doing a number of numeracy activities in our SEAL groups and practising quick recall of our times table facts.


In spelling we have continued to use syllables to ‘chunk’ words.

As part of our forces topic we went outside to investigate what was being blown about by the wind and used this to write an adventure.

We spoke about verbs being ‘doing’ or action words  and made up some mimes to see if our classmates could guess the verb.

We practised using a and an correctly when writing sentences.

We have all really enjoyed listening to each other’s talks about artists.


We played some games to improve our fitness levels and practised tennis skills.


We looked at the work of LS Lowry and spoke about his life. We tried to recreate the painting ‘Coming out of School’ using the five colours Lowry used.


We are all very sad to be saying goodbye to each other but there will be home learning posted on the blog every week day from Monday 23 March at 12 noon. We hope that everyone stays healthy and we look forward to P3M and Buckstone Primary School being back together.

Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey