P3M Home Learning Activities

As mentioned in this week’s other blog post, we will be posting learning activities every day next week. Here are some activities to try at home in the meantime.


This week we worked on making our sentences more interesting. We began by writing a sentence and then thought about how we could begin it in a different way and how we could use adjectives to describe the nouns. We had some great results and some fantastic adjectives! Have a go at this at home using what you can see for inspiration.

For example:

‘The bird flew onto the branch.’

might become

‘To escape the neighbour’s ginger cat, the tiny sparrow flew onto the long, leafy branch.’


Details of your next reading book will be posted on Monday. For now, keep reading any non-fiction texts you may have at home and see what facts you can ‘wow’ your family with.

‘Kiddle’ is a good child-friendly site to find out lots of amazing facts.



Keep working on knowing your times table facts. We have been learning the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables this term. Ask someone to test you.