Week beginning 16.03.20

What a week! More information about home learning will be coming shortly. On Monday I will publish a guide to your home learning packs with an explanation of the materials and resources included. For now, here is what we have been learning this week:

We have been exploring how magnets work. We carried out a science experiment where we predicted which materials would be magnetic, carried out an experiment and reflected on what the results meant. We learnt that not all metals are magnetic and we learnt that like poles repel each other (they walk away) and unlike poles attract each other. We then used what we learnt to have a go at creating some games using magnets.

In maths we have been becoming experts at the 5 times table. We know it forwards and backwards and are using that knowledge to help us divide by 5 and solve missing number sums. We were learning about fact families which are the 4 linked sums that go with a set of three numbers. For example:

In literacy we were working on our spelling words for the week. We were breaking them into their syllables to help us spell them. We were also answering questions about our reading books using full sentences. In grammar we looked at conjunctions (the words that go at the junction to connect two sentences) and used them to make sure sentences made sense and created our own sentences.

We have also been using our presentation skills to give artist talks.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Check back on Monday at 12pm for information on Home Learning.

Miss Collyns and P3C