Learning Together At Home – P3M

Dear Parents / Carers

We hope you and families are well.

We will be posting activities to help with learning everyday at 12pm. As a P3 team we have discussed the type of activities we might post and have taken into consideration that access to online learning may be limited due to a number of factors. It is likely we will post links to websites and learning games but please do not feel that your child must access these if it is difficult to do so. We will also be posting plenty of activities that do not require access to a device / the internet. Please do not worry if your child does not manage to complete everything; just do the best you can in these very difficult and unusual circumstances.

If you need to contact us, please e-mail the usual address admin@buckstone.edin.sch.uk

Thank you for all your support with your child’s learning

Mrs Bailey and Mrs Munro

P3M Learning Together At Home – 23.03.20



We will continue to post new words every Monday. Your task on Monday is to write down each of your spelling words three times following the process






This process is much more effective at helping you to remember the correct spellings.

You should practise spelling your new words on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by choosing an activity from the grid that was sent home. (You may also wish to come up with your own exciting spelling activities to help you.)

Dictations will be posted on Fridays. Ask someone at home to read these out to you.

Spelling Words w.c. 23.3.20

This week’s words all have ‘a’ after ‘w’ making the short vowel sound ‘o’. As usual, there are two common words to learn too. Please ask someone to talk to you about the meaning of any words you are unfamiliar with (or work on your dictionary skills and look them up if you feel able to do so.)

  • was
  • want
  • wand
  • wasp
  • ward
  • wash
  • swap
  • warm
  • swamp
  • war
  • once
  • upon

Challenge Word List

  • wasn’t
  • wanted
  • wandering
  • wallpaper
  • watering
  • washing
  • swapped
  • watching
  • swamped
  • wardrobe
  • once
  • upon

If you have been working on the block two common words, please continue to work on these until you can confidently spell them, before moving on to learn the block three words.


Today is all about becoming familiar with your new book.

Lions: ‘Kate and the Crocodile’

Have a look at the front cover and title and predict what you think might happen in this story. Why do you think that?

Read the story today and ask someone to help you with any difficult words.

Dolphins: ‘Snooty Prune’

Who or what do you think Snooty Prune is?

What does the word Snooty mean?

Have a read of the blurb on the back of the book and then turn to the front cover. Which of the two characters on the front is Prunella? Why do you think that?

This week, we would like you to read chapters one, two and three. Please make sure you have read chapter one by tomorrow.

Tigers: ‘The Wobbly Tooth’

Read the title and have a look at the picture on the front. What do you think the story might be about? Why do you think that?

Who is the author of your book? Where can you find that information?

Ask someone at home to read you the story today and talk about what’s happening in the pictures.

Cheetahs: ‘Flat Stanley’

Have a look at the front cover. What do you think the book is about? Who could Flat Stanley be and why do you think he is called that?

Have a read of the blurb on the back. How close was your prediction?

Read chapters one and two this week. Please make sure you have read chapter one by Wednesday.

Kittens: ‘Roy at the Fun Park’

Read the title and have a look at the picture on the front. What do you think the story might be about? Why do you think that?

Read the story with someone at home today so that they can help you with any difficult words.

Lizards: ‘The Bully’

Have a look at the front cover and title. What do you think the story is about?

Who do you think the bully is on the front cover?

Read up to (and including) page 9 today. Ask someone at home to help you with any difficult vocabulary.

Why do you think Rosie was acting in that way? What would you do if Rosie was being nasty to you and your friends?

BEAR time

We have BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) time each day in class. This is a quiet time for you to read a book of your own choice. We usually do this for around 15 minutes after lunch but you might decide to read for longer at home.

Numeracy and Maths

Mental Maths

Parents: We usually have a bit of a mental maths ‘warm-up’ in class each day to help us practise core numeracy skills that we have previously learned. Our mental maths session won’t necessarily relate to the number work we then go on to do in our groups (but sometimes it will). We might aim to spend somewhere between 10-20 minutes on mental maths although sometimes it will be longer if the concept is particularly tricky.

Go onto Topmarks Daily Ten


Choose from one of the following options:

Level 1>Addition>Bonds to make 10

Level 2> Addition>Up to 25

Level 2>Addition>Up to 100-Ten More

If you do not have access to a device, don’t worry. Ask someone to make up some questions for you instead:

For example:

8+ ? = 10

19 +3 =

What is 10 more than 65?

Please complete the activity assigned to your group:

Human Beans:

Today you should work on counting the number of jumps backwards from a to b

For example: How many jumps from 11 back to 8? Start by saying ‘eleven’. Now count back ‘ten-nine-eight’. That was three jumps.

Work on the number of jumps back using numbers in the 1-100 range.

Complete the following (in your jotters ir on squared paper:

Work out the number of jumps from b to a.

1) From 18 to 15

2) From 21 to 17

3) From 29 to 23

4) From 32 to 28

5) From 39 to 34

6) From 43 to 38

7) From 47 to 41

8) From 45 to 39

9) From 55 to 50

10) From 54 to 48


Your job today is to work on your skills counting backwards. You may use a number line or a number square to help you.

Ask someone at home to give you a number in the 1-30 range and you then say the number before that number. Once you feel confident, try and do this without the number line to help. At this stage, perhaps you could turn it into a game by throwing a ball or a teddy between you as you say each number.

Once you have done this, see if you can create your own number line but create this backwards. Start at the top with number 30 and take it all the way down to zero. Make it as colourful as you can and make sure your numbers are neat and clear for you to read.


Try counting in 10s beyond 100. We did a little bit of this last week but needed some more practice.

For example: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 etc

We know that if we were counting in 100s, we would count 100, 200, 300 etc. so we need to apply that knowledge when we are counting in tens.

We know that the ‘200s’ come after the ‘100s’ so once we have counted up to 190, adding another 10 would take us to 200, and so on.

Ask someone at home to help you with this skill.

Once you have practised this, complete the following:

Fill in the missing numbers (copy the sequences into your jotter or onto squared paper):

a) 90, 100, ______, ______, 130, 140, 150

b) 210, _____, 230, 240, _______, ________, 270

c) _______, 420, 430, _______, 450, _______, ______, 480

d) 490, _______, ________, 520, 530, _______, _______

e) 670, _______, _________, __________, 710, 720, ________, 740

f) 840, ________, ________, 870, _______, _______, ________

g) ________, _________, 970, _______, 990, ________

Health and Wellbeing / PE

You may be going outside for walks with the people you share a house with. If you are looking for extra activities to keep you active, you may wish to complete a couple of the ‘Go Noodle’ videos in the following link.


You may have heard that Joe Wicks is also going to be doing PE sessions: