Learning Together @ Home 23.03.20

Good morning everyone in P6M-


First activity is personal reading. This can include fiction, non-fiction, e-books, annuals etc

Secondly begin creating your own daily Covid 19 diary. Think about feelings, effect your family, changes you are all having to make, ways you manage to keep in touch with friends, changes to routine and definitely some light-hearted, funny moments too.

In years to come some of these diaries will be read and studied by school children.


Diary Examples WAGOLL


Spelling- 8 Words Dictionary Meanings & Sentences

SPELLING P6 WEEK 21 Mild & Spicy Hot

Maths- Spend 45 minutes on Timestables.co.uk  on tables of your choice. Evaluate which games are best. Let the rest of your P6M know what you think on ‘TEAMS.’

Art/ Topic- This looks like one we will have to start again. Art/ Topic- Begin your portrait of Greek Monster again- Top Ten Monsters


Please carry out your learning when it is possible and in the order that suits you. Use TEAMS to share ideas and reflections where possible. You can contact me on teams during school time for guidance. Some activities can be carried forward to later in the week.


Bad joke of the day- Doctor! Doctor! I feel like a pack of cards!…

Finally, Riddle of the day (no Googling)!


Look in my face, I am somebody; Look in my back, I am nobody.

What am I?

Answers tomorrow!