Monday 23rd of March

Good morning primary 1,

I hope you have had a lovely, relaxing weekend at home with your families and you are all staying safe. I am missing you all already but I can’t wait to see pictures of some of your amazing work. Please upload any pictures of work to your child’s e-journal.

Numeracy: This week we are going to continue working on time.

We are learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock – o’clock.

Can you please watch the following videos and join in with the songs:

Once you have watched both of these videos, please discuss the following worksheet with the grown up looking after you. Can you tell them what time is showing on each clock? Please don’t worry about printing this off – just discuss the different clocks with your child.

Literacy – we are continuing to focus on the sounds we have already learned in class. I have attached below a copy of the ‘oa’ sound power point if you would like to use this to help you…

  1. How many oa and ow words can you think of? Remember the oa goes in the middle of words and the ow goes at the end of words. Talk to a grown up about the words you have thought of. Now try to write some of them down.

Here are a few to start you off….

boat          coat         goat       

flow       grow       blow     

  • Please can you play this CVC game. Read the word using your knowledge of the initial sounds, blend the sounds together and click on the picture that matches the word.

Please play this game without the sound encouraging your child to sound the words out independently.

Handwriting – We are going to continue with our cursive handwriting this week. Please can you complete the following worksheet focusing on the letter a and c. (worksheet is in your learning at home pack)

Look at the example letters I have provided on the sheet and try to copy these. I have placed dots on the sheet where you should start your letter. Remember to use the boxes on the paper to help you.

Please ensure your child is starting their letter on the dot, keeping their pencil on the paper while writing the full letter and please remind them not to add the flick at the end. I have put a link below detailing exactly how the letters should be formed.

If you have any questions about the work provided, please send these to the school admin email and I will be happy to help you with anything. Good luck, have a lovely day and enjoy the learning we have provided. Remember, we are all in this together!

Miss Hutcheon