24.3.20 – P7 Learning at home

Good morning P7! 

Welcome to day 2 in your new virtual classroom, with your digital teachers: Cyborg Campbell & Android Haynes.  

Well done everyone for accessing and completing yesterday’s learning! Both Android Haynes and Cyborg Campbell enjoyed speaking to people on the ‘Posts’ sections in teams. Each class now also has separate area to post things about Newsround.  


Please see below for today’s learning. As with yesterday you will find further details and all resources you need on Teams.  


Spelling: Practise your set of words by completing another activity, or by getting someone to read out your list and see if you can spell them correctly (writing or saying them out loud).  

Writing: Write your next entry into your Coronavirus Journal. Remember! You are historians creating Primary Evidence of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Be authentic and honest!  

Reading ComprehensionChoose the level of reading comprehension you wish to complete. (Android Haynes’ class – you have got a paper copy of this in your folders). Then create a fact file about The Battle of Britain by answering the questions in FULL sentences in your jotter. 

You can check your answers afterwards by scrolling to the bottom of the document 


Maths & Numeracy: 

Watch the video about calculating Speed, Distance and Time: 


Complete word problem worksheet at your chosen level from the three options. Remember to lay out your work with the equation written at the top as we have been doing in class. Don’t forget your unit of measurement at the end either! 

Once you have completed the work you can mark your answers (they are at the bottom of the document). If you have any corrections, try to complete them 

This video also explains how to answer Speed, Distance and Tine with examples (the last two are quite tricky!) 



You can also play some of the numeracy card games – the more you do these the better your mental maths and numeracy skills will become!  



Continue to work on your personal research presentation. By the end of the day you need to have a slide/ area of your poster with a brief overview of your chosen area.  

Further instructions for this are in the research folder on Teams. 

Watch Newsround. It is broadcast live on TV at 9:15 and 12:10, or available on-line. If something interests you, start a thread on Teams (posts). 




This is The Body Coach Joe Wicks. Each day at 9am he will be uploading a new workout video for you to watch and complete. Joe will also be live on This Morning at 12pm every day. Remember to stay active!  

Mr Jaggs (a PE teacher) will be posting some PE challenges on Twitter, yesterday he put up a challenge to see how many ball bounces you can get in 30 seconds, let us know how you get on in the Gym Hall channelhttps://twitter.com/JaggsMr 



We hope you enjoy your second day of digital learning.  

If you need any help, please contact us through Teams or email.  

Cyborg Campbell & Android Haynes x