P3 Handwriting

We have been learning to form cursive letters correctly during our handwriting lessons. The P3 team would love you to continue practising your handwriting whilst we are not at school. We won’t post handwriting everyday, but you can continue to practise the letters we have been focussing on between postings.

We always talk about our ‘Star Steps’ before we begin.

These are:

  • Hold your (sharp) pencil correctly.
  • Make sure you have good posture; both feet on ground, sitting up straight – no leaning on your arm or hand while you write.
  • Start every letter at the same point on the line.
  • Don’t take your pencil off the page until you have completed the word you are writing.

Here is a short video to help you make sure you have the correct pencil grip:

For right-handed learners:


and for left-handed learners:


We find some letters trickier than others and we have been able to use the feedback you have given about this to help decide on the focus of lessons. Whilst we are not at school, I’ll choose particular letters to focus on and you can do more or less practice depending on how confident you feel about forming each letter. We have covered all of the letters previously in class so this will be revision. Therefore, although we will focus on particular letters in each session, we will form words using other letters too.

For those of you who have been writing out longer passages, perhaps you could find stories or poems at home that you could use to help you focus on your handwriting. Remember, it is not about how quickly you can write, but about how well you form your letters; take your time!

Here is a link to a YouTube clip showing how to form all of the letters. Please note that the letter x is formed slightly differently to the way we have been forming it (we don’t take our pen off the paper until we are finished the letter).

Session 1: a, c, d, g

I have grouped these letters together because they all start the same way in cursive.

Let’s start with ‘a’. Complete a whole line of these.


Now let’s try d:


The next letter is g. Remember that the ‘loop’ or ‘tail’ of the g should not touch the bottom red line. It sits just above, as shown in the clip.


Finally, c


Next, write some words to practise joining these letters to other letters. Remember, our focus in this session is on a, d, g and c. Do your best with the other letters but remember we will be revising them again, if you are finding them tricky.

Finally, let’s put a sentence together using what we have learned:

I have completed some self-assessment, just like we do in class. Remember; green for great and pink for think (or pink for practice). I think I have formed my ‘g’ in dog well, but I might need to practise ‘t’ next time!

If you have pink and green pencils or pens, self-assess your handwriting. Remember just to highlight one word or letter green, and one word or letter pink.