Learning Together at Home: 25.03.2020

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you haven’t already, check out Buckstone Buzz where Mrs Imrie, Mrs Henry, Mrs Conlin and Miss Martin are posting some general challenges and helpful links to websites such as David Walliams’ ‘Elevenses’ where, everyday at 11am you can listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children Stories, so sit down, take a break and enjoy 20 minutes of fun! https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Also, a belated Happy Birthday to Dillon from Monday! I hope you had a lovely day 🙂

Literacy: spelling

Choose a challenge:

Practice your spelling words using rainbow writing or pyramid writing

Apply your understanding by writing a story using every one of your spelling words or by creating an acrostic poem of some of your spelling words.

Extend your learning by completing a thesaurus challenge (find three words that mean the same thing for each of your spelling words) or an antonym challenge (find a word that means the opposite of each spelling word)

Literacy: grammar

Watch this video to remind yourself about what a verb is.

A verb is an action or a doing word. Can you think of a verb for every letter of the alphabet? For example:

A – ate. I ate an apple.

B – bounce. I bounced downstairs.

Copy and complete the sentences in your jotter:

Mild – choose the right verb for the sentence.
Hot – choose the right verb from the box
Spicy – come up with your own verbs to complete the sentences

Extra challenge:

mutter                  race                       amble                   gobble                  munch

march                   declare                 speak                    taste                      gallop

charge                  exclaim                 consume             stroll                      chomp

step                       stagger                 whisper                canter                   sprint

Sort these words into one of the columns below. How many more words can you add to each column?

Maths: multiplication

Daily 10 warm-up. Either choose one of the chilli challenges below or work on the table you have chosen to learn at the moment.

Mild: level 2 – multiplication – mixed tables x2, 5, 10

Hot: level 4 – multiplication – mixed tables x 3, 4, 8

Spicy: level 6 – multiplication – mixed tables up to x12

Keep practising your times tables using a ‘stations stick’ if you made your own yesterday. Once you are feeling confident that you know a table you could ask someone at home to test you. If you can prove that you know it, select a new table to focus on. Another suggestion to help you learn your table is making a times table booklet. See instructions below:

You could also have a go at making your own version of Kaboom! Teach someone at home how to play.

Written consolidation:

Today’s activity is looking at missing number calculations. You could use a stations stick (see yesterday’s post for an explanation of what a stations stick is) or a 100 square or a number line to help you. For example, I have labelled the stations of the 3 times table on the number line below.

Choose a chilli challenge, copy and complete the number sequences then copy and complete the missing number calculations.

Mild: x5

Hot: x3

Spicy: x7

Please see separate blog post for today’s science learning activity. Handwriting was also posted yesterday in a separate blog post. This should be completed in handwriting jotters which went home in the packs on Friday.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or would like further explanation on anything. See you tomorrow 🙂