Learning Together at Home- Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

So today I am uploading Social Studies and Science ideas to help you continue learning at home. I am very much enjoying the photographs which are being uploaded to the e-journal pages- counting outdoors, baking, dragon making, reading!

Many thanks to Lois’s Mum for helping me find instructions to help post on the ejournal pages. I think it may be easier to add a post if you download the learning journal app.

Here are her instructions:

So, I use the Learning Journal App. I downloaded it from the App Store. I have an IPhone so I’m not sure if this is the same on an Android.

From the home screen, there should be a picture of the child with 4 blue boxes below. 

Click the box that says Parent Contribution. This takes you to an empty page but has a green button with a + sign.

Click Green button that says + New

Once you do this, a box pops up with green upload button and sub headings of catergory, title and description.

Choose home from the category section then fill in the others with what you want to say.

To upload pictures, click the green button. I found that I could only upload 1 picture at a time. This is really important! Also, when you select a picture, an iPhone will give you an option to change image size down the bottom of the screen. It’s quite small but I click on that and change to small instead of large or original format.

Once you’ve changed the image size, click the button that says recent. This will take you back to the photos. Then press Done. You’ll see the image to upload. Press upload then save. 

I hope this helps everyone. I can’t access the ejournal page as a parent.

I wonder if you can spot Mabel the Welsh terrier in our presentation today?

Ms Campbell has also suggested that the nursery children can plant seeds at home for home learning. The children can watch the seeds grow. What do the seeds need to grow? This would link well to our science learning.

I have also included drama today.

Here is a link to watch live animals at Edinburgh Zoo.


Have fun everyone!

Miss Davidson