P3 Science

We have been learning about forces and you were keen to find out more about gravity. It’s quite a tricky concept and you are likely to have lots of questions once you understand it a little bit.

Some of you have had a bit of an introduction to gravity already, but we can all watch this short video either as a starting point or as a bit of revision.


So we know that the force of gravity on Earth, pulls objects towards it’s centre. That’s why we don’t float about the place!

Activity 1

With permission from someone at home, go and get two (unbreakable) objects of different weights / sizes. You are going to hold them up at the same height and then let them drop at the same time.

Before you do this, predict which object will reach the ground first. Why do you think this?

Try this with other objects. Do you get the same result? Do your results surprise you? What do you think might be going on?

Watch this clip for an explanation:

I imagine you can think of times when something has taken a bit longer to reach the ground. For example, a feather might swing from side to side or when you blow a bubble, it might float around before landing.

Let’s have a look at the concept of air resistance.

Activity 2

Go and get two pieces of paper. Scrunch one up into a ball and leave the other one flat.

Repeat your experiment from activity one. Before you drop the items, predict what you think might happen. Why do you think that?

Now have a look at this clip that talks about friction (which we know a bit about already) and air resistance. Once you have watch it, see if you can explain what happened when you dropped the two pieces of paper to someone in your family.


Activity 3 (Optional!)

We have learned a bit about gravity and air resistance. This helps us understand how parachutes work and why they are used.

Perhaps someone at home could work with you to design and construct your own parachutes for small figures you may have at home. Do this using materials you already have lying around the house. You could test these to see who has built the best one!

There are loads of questions to ask about gravity. If you would like to do your own research, check out some of the following resources: