25.3.20 P7 Learning From Home

Good morning P7!

Welcome to day 3 in your virtual classroom, with your digital teachers: Cyborg Campbell & Android Haynes.

We hope you have now settled well into your virtual learning routine. If you haven’t already, please join in with our class discussions. Android Haynes and Cyborg Campbell would love to hear how you are doing. It has been great to speak to so many of you already.


Please see below for today’s learning. As with yesterday you will find further details and all resources you need on Teams.


Spelling: A challenge for today – try and use each of your spelling words in a conversation with someone around the house, tick each one off as you manage to use it.

Writing: Write your next entry into your Coronavirus Journal. Remember! You are historians creating Primary Evidence of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Be authentic and honest!

Inferencing: Remember – An inference is a deduction that is made based upon reasoning and it allows you to figure out information that may be missing in a text or picture.

Here is a vide to remind you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYkWu099jis

If you would like a spicier challenge then complete pages 1 and 2 of the inferencing sheets, if you would like a milder challenge then complete pages 5 and 6.

The answers are on the second document.


Maths & Numeracy:

Today we are going to be doing some problem solving!

There are two levels of challenge to choose from. Once you have completed the work, check your answers.

  • For the spicier challenge the suggested strategies are; guess and check or work systematically. If you want to make it harder, you can try and make your own set of numbers for someone in your house to solve! If you do this, take a picture and post it in the class chat for people to try and solve too.


  • For the milder challenge the suggested strategies are; use a diagram, look for a pattern or work systematically.

If you do something systematically, you do it in an orderly, methodical way. Mathematicians like to work systematically on a problem rather than approaching it in a random, unstructured way.

You can also play some of the numeracy card games – the more you do these the better your mental maths and numeracy skills will become!



This is a link from the Secret WWII Bunker in Liverpool. (You don’t need to have a Facebook account to watch this)

It will be streaming a live Facebook history lesson on life in Wartime Liverpool at 1 o’clock today. The lesson will include a tour around Western Approaches Secret WW2 HQ in Liverpool city centre and discuss the Battle of The Atlantic, the role of Liverpool during the war, rationing, air raids and more.

If you manage to watch this then take some notes of interesting things that you learn during the lesson.

Watch Newsround. It is broadcast live on TV at 9:15, 12:10 and 4:00 pm, or available on-line. If something interests you, start a thread on Teams (posts).

Duolingo – This is a great app that helps you to learn languages. Check with an adult if you are allowed to create an account (I know some of you already have one) and start to work through some German. If you can’t make an account, don’t worry, Sabrina has sent us some learning that we will send out soon.



Do something to help around the house: vacuuming, tidying up, washing dishes etc…



This is The Body Coach Joe Wicks. Each day at 9am he will be uploading a new workout video for you to watch and complete. Joe will also be live on This Morning at 12pm every day. Remember to stay active!

Mr Jaggs (a PE teacher) will be posting some PE challenges on Twitter, yesterday he put up a challenge to see how many ball bounces you can get in 30 seconds, let us know how you get on in the Gym Hall channel. https://twitter.com/JaggsMr


We hope you enjoy your third day of digital learning.

If you need any help, please contact us through Teams or email.

Cyborg Campbell & Android Haynes x