Learning Together at Home 26.03.20

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone is doing well. To engage in the community the school are linking with Fairmilehead Church. We’re asking pupils to create a piece of artwork and email it to the admin account. These will then be collated and sent to the church to then go on their newsletter. This week’s theme is “Hello from Buckstone PS”.

Here is today’s learning. As always, if you find anything tricky then please let me know.

Happy learning,

Miss Martin


Spelling – keep going with the spelling activities (posted on Monday)

Writing – We are learning to write a description.

Use the image above to write a description. Try to imagine you are driving along it.

Star Steps

  • Adjectives
  • Think about the 5 senses
  • Try to use a simile/metaphor

If you like put your piece of writing on the Files tab on Teams. Upload it in the Writing folder (in Literacy). If you would prefer not to let everyone see your work (however it might be good to share some examples) then you could email me it if you like. Would love to see some of the descriptions.

Reading – For next Tuesday (31st March) please read the following

The Gruffalo’s Children – Read Chapter 17 and 18

Heroic Hiccups – Read Chapter 13 and 14

The Charlie Bucket Readers – Read Chapter 14 and 15

The Bash Street Kids – Read Chapter 11 and 12


Word of the Day – “vacant”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Optional Task:  Tell a Story using the sentence starter below

Armie sat at the back of the class with a vacant expression on his face…


Maths and Numeracy 

Mental Maths – We are learning to plot numbers on a number line.

Plot the following on a number line. Think about what number would be half way along, quarter of the way along and three quarters of the way along and that will help you plot the numbers. In the example I knew 500 would be half way so put 560 just along from half way.




Maths – We are learning to tell the time.

We are starting our new topic in Maths – Time. Today’s work is all about telling the time in both analogue and digital form.


Make the following on the mini clocks which I sent home on Friday. There are different levels of challenge:

Super – Make the times 3 o’clock, six thirty, 8 o’clock, half past 2, 1 o’clock, 10 thirty (o’clock, half past, ?.00 and ?.30)

Fantastic – Make the times 3.15, quarter to 9, 3.45, quarter past 8 (quarter to/past, as well as ?.15 and ?.45)

Spectacular – Make the times 5.55, 10 past 6, 20 to 3, 25 past 9 (full range)

Write all the times down in digital (both 12 and 24 hour) and analogue form that you make. Try to get an adult to check.

Throughout the day check the time and record it in analogue and digital form. E.g. Half past 6 and 6:30pm/18:30.

Some games for you to play on Time:





How old are you?

Children could work out roughly how many days old they are. Remember that there are 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year. You can use a calculator if necessary. Choose whether you investigate leap years or not as part of their calculations. Extend to other family members or find out dates of birth of famous people online. If they know the time when they were born, you could extend to working out how many hours, minutes or seconds old they are.