Learning Together at Home 26.3.20

Happy Thursday everyone!

Just a reminder that BLOG POSTS go live on the school website at noon (12.00 lunchtime) each day and that these tasks are to be spread over that afternoon and if necessary the next morning. Pace yourself with the tasks and remember there is also Newsround to watch if you like. Joe Wicks has a great workout everyday at 9am which is saved on his YouTube page to do whenever you like  . . .


Riddle – What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month? Answer on the blog tomorrow!





Choose two tasks from the spelling grid.

(link below and saved on Microsoft Teams).

We have used this a number of times in class so should be familiar to all.



Reading Comprehension – John Logie Baird.

Below is a link to a document with three different reading levels (*    **    ***)

Please choose which star level you think would best suit your reading (understanding) ability.

*=green option, **=amber option, ***=red option.

Read the text and decide how you can best learn this information. Is it through creating a poster, creating a set of 10 questions based on the information, constructing a mind map with all the information you can remember . . . ? Share ideas of HOW you are going to remember the key facts about John Logie Baird on Teams chat. I look forward to hearing all your ideas!

John Logie Baird information


Times tables 

Practise your 3 and 4 times tables on Hit the Button



Division practise using the bus stop method. Choose the pages which best suit your ability. Green, Amber or Red.

The answers to these challenges will be on line tomorrow (Friday).

Thursday Division challenge

If you have mastered solving division in this way then create a PROVE IT sheet (in a jotter). Remember a PROVE IT sheet should have the following features . . .



Using the symbols in the image above (this will also be saved in Files within Microsoft Teams if it does not show above) can you draw a diagram of the circuit you created with Mrs Ritchie?

Your circuit should include a bulb and as an extra challenge can you add the buzzer in to your drawing also?


As always any questions . . . just ask!

Miss Fotheringham