Learning together at home 26.3.20

Good morning everyone

Just a little reminder that BLOG POSTS go live on the school website at noon (12.00 lunchtime) each day and that these tasks are to be spread over that afternoon and the next morning. Pace yourself with the tasks and remember there is also Newsround to watch if you like. Joe Wicks has a great workout everyday at 9am which is saved on his YouTube page to do whenever you like  . . .


Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks.  Please continue with the additional tasks on the learning grid.  We recommend that you try one or two of these tasks to complete each day.


Today we are going to continue with Time. I hope you got on okay with yesterdays activities and that you really tried to challenge yourself, some of the questions were quite tricky. Below are some more activities for you to complete.  Some of these involve working with an adult.


We will start off using analogue and digital clock faces, hopefully we remember a little bit about that from last year. Even if we don’t clocks are something we use many times everyday and are easy to practice with on your own or with an adult.

So in preparation could you all practice reading analogue clocks and try to become an expert in reading the time down to 5 minutes.

This is a good website for your parents to set the time and you answer questions.


I have attached links to fun games for you to spend time working on.



Time Zones

These are north to south areas along the surface of the Earth which have the same time because the Sun is at its highest point at the same moment. Its amazing that there are 24 time zones in the world. Parts of the USA are 7 hours behind UK time. So, people in the USA might still be in bed or just getting up, depending on when you are working on this activity. Explore the time in different countries that you know about and write down what time it is and can you come up with some ideas about what children in these countries might be doing.

Extension – See what you can find out about why the clocks go forward the weekend.

I have kept the link on for the calendars game, keep practising.


Practice your 7 x table and division switchers as we will be working on that tomorrow, remember the quicker we are at the x table the easier division will be. I have attached a 7 times table speed challenge for you to work on.


As well as your written speed challenge, I have attached a link to a fun times table website, where you can also race against the timer.


For your mental speed why not play hit the button with your parents. Here is the link.




Today for your main literacy task I would like you to write a descriptive piece in your jotter.

Image result for scottish landscape

Use this fantastic picture of our wonderful countryside. Remember its not a story but a detailed description of the scene. It should only be one paragraph. Your learning intention is below.

Learning Intention

We are learning how to write a description

Success criteria

I can use words that create a particular effect on the audience.

Fantastic – I can include 4 WOW words

Spectacular – I can include 6 WOW words

I can pay particular attention to using interesting openers.

I can take time to re read my piece and uplevel any words I can think of.


Please try to spend time each day completing silent reading on a book of your choice. Try to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are also stories on audible which are free to listen to. Click on this link.



Remember to use the spelling document and practice your words and the spelling rule again.

Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities



Hope you have a good day and remember to check back tomorrow