P2G Learning Together at Home 26.3.20

Hello P2G Warty Gruffalos…

Hope you are all having a good week!

Mrs Williamson and I are really enjoying seeing the photos you have sent us of you learning at home. Thanks for sending them, we will post them on the blog on a Friday.
Please remember that these are ideas and you don’t have to do everything on the blog, it’s also important for us to exercise, relax and have fun!

Remember this is also for you to do on Friday morning.

Quick links-

Spelling City P2 page-https://www.spellingcity.com/users/p2homework
(if any pupil did not receive their sumdog login details, please contact me and I can email it to you)
Free audiobooks for children-https://stories.audible.com/start-listen
Mrs Imrie’s blog page-https://buckstoneprimary.com/buckstone-buzz/

Daily PE on youtube-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME



We are learning to write super sentences.
Remember our star steps…
• Capital letters
• Finger spaces
• Punctuation marks . ! ?
• Descriptive words

Earlier in the week we asked you to think about what you see and hear outdoors.
Write 5 sentences to describe what you can see and hear outside.
For example- this is what I can see in my garden…



Use your magic pencil to underline the star steps in your sentences. Ask an adult to help you assess your writing – is there anything you could add to make each sentence even better? Have you formed all your letters correctly and neatly?
Challenge: Use connectives (and, so, then, but…) to join two sentences together.

Letter and number of the day…

Write these on your whiteboard or in your jotter. Ask an adult to check that you form them correctly and that you are thinking about the size (see the picture). Challenge – try cursive. If it is tricky for you, keep practising until you can do it easily.

Read the reading book from your pack that you read yesterday.
Challenge- Try to read it without the pictures and ask an adult to pick out different words for you to read on their own and not in the sentence. Use the questions from your Reading Rocket Bookmark to discuss what you have read with an adult. Ask a different question from the red section.


Numeracy and Maths

Continue the number we learned yesterday… create your own subtraction sums.
Make a spinner using a paperclip or a safety pin and a pencil (see yesterday’s video).

Ask an adult to help you choose some numbers and make a grid on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. Make a second grid with lower numbers. Use your spinner on each grid, write the subtraction sum and work out the answer.

You can decide how difficult to make the sums by the numbers you put on your grid.


Interdisciplinary learning / Skills development

Draw a detailed picture to go with your writing above and colour it in carefully, try to keep it neat. Make sure you include all the descriptions in your sentences.

How is the shoelace tying going? Keep practising!

Try making your own bed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Play a game.

Have a lovely day and have lots of fun!

Mrs Graham and Mrs Williamson

Some fun Ideas

If you have lego at home, you might like to look at this…