P4J Learning Together At Home – Music and ICT 26.3.20

Hello everyone

I hope you and your families are all well.


We have been listening to the music and learning the story that is told in Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ opera. We have also been learning a little about the composer himself.

Over the next week, your job is to create a fact file about Mozart. You can do this in any form you like, but you should include:

  • At least three facts about the composer himself
  • Reference to at least three pieces of music he wrote. One of these can be a piece from the Magic Flute but you should also listen to at least another two pieces written by Mozart. In your fact file you should state the name of each piece and some words to describe it (e.g. lively, uplifting, fast, slow etc.) If you are able to provide any further information about any of the pieces, that would be a great addition to your fact file.
  • Illustrations to make your fact file look interesting and attractive. If you are able to identify any of the instruments you can hear in the pieces of music, you might wish to draw these on your fact file.

You may add anything else you like that would complete your fact file and may make it any size or format you like / that you have the resources for. You may wish to complete your fact file digitally.

Here are some resources to help you: (I think you will find the David Walliam’s podcast very entertaining!)



If you don’t have a lot of access to a device, don’t worry. Here are some suggestions:

Classic FM: ‘More Mozart Mondays’. Listen out for Mozart pieces on Classic FM on Mondays. You will usually always hear some during the breakfast show with Tim Lihoreau.

BBC Radio 3: On Wednesday 1 April, Mozart’s music will feature in a lunchtime concert at 1pm.


BBC i-player: If you have access to BBC iPlayer on your television, go into CBeebies and watch series 2, episode 11 of ‘Melody’ (it’s called ‘Noisy Elephant’). In this episode, she listens to Mozart’s Horn Concerto Number 4.


We have been working on our typing skills using the following resource:


If you have access to a device, practice your typing skills at your own level / pace. Remember that it’s all about learning how to type more efficiently using both hands. No one-finger typing! 🙂

I hope you all have a good day.

Mrs Bailey