RME P3 26.3.20

We are planning on looking at weddings – the differences in customs and traditions of different religions. Today’s focus is on the traditions surrounding a Jewish wedding. Watch the short film below and if you wish you can write answers to the questions in your jotter or if you prefer, talk about your answers with  someone at home.


  1. Do the bride and groom have their first receptions together or in separate rooms?
  2. When the contract is signed, what do the mothers of the bride and groom do?
  3. Why do they do this?
  4. What does the bride sit on at her reception?
  5. To show that the groom doesn’t just care about the bride’s appearance but about the whole person what does he cover her face with before the wedding ceremony?
  6. The wedding ceremony takes place under a canopy- what is this called?
  7. Why are the sides of the chupa left open?
  8. What is the last part of the ceremony?
  9. What happens in the dancing part of the wedding reception?
  10. On a blank page in your jotter, draw your own picture of the chupa. Remember to decorate it and make it colourful. If you are able, have a look at google images to see examples of other chupas.