Learning together at home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 27.3.2020

Good morning my Dragonflies!

It is Friday! Remember Friday is…my favourite day of the week. You know that!. So today again our favourite song:

Today we will have a look about what your have been up to:

Scientists, mathematicians, football players writers,  etc. on the making but the most important thing is that all of you look happy!


It is lovely to see that you are having fun!

More photos to follow! Apologies for the ones that are not up…I am working on my ICT skills too!

Remember parents, that our priority at the moment is our mental and physical well being for children and parents. So there is no expectation for you to do all the home learning ideas that I am posting every day, it is guidance. As I said before this is a challenging time for us all.


General ideas

  • Revise single sounds of the alphabet (Jolly Phonics songs are available on YouTube)
  • Revise the Digraph sounds we have covered so far: sh, ch, th, wh, ai, ay, ee, ea, -igh, -y, oa, -ow.
  • Revise Tricky words (please find check yesterday’s blog )
  • Continue to work on sounding out and blending to read words

Focussed learning

Handwriting: We are going to practice some pre- writing patterns. You will find the sheet below in your pack. I have attached a video, please finish each line and remember to start where the dot is.




Make a review of the book. Write what  a picture of the book and write what was your favourite part and why. You can use the template attached.

My favourite part is


General ideas




This is a number line to help you with addition and subtraction.



Number formation.

I have noticed that most children in the class find tricky to write numbers the right way so now you can try to practice this skill.

You can use the worksheets  from the pack  as guidance to work on number formation from 1 to 5. Why don’t you try to do it using flour on a table, soap, finger paint? Please don’t feel you need to use the worksheets!




If you want to learn about animals Blair Drummond Safari Park do live  half an hour sessions everyday to talk about their animals. Children can ask questions.


Have a wonderful weekend! Keep yourselves safe and Stay at home!



Mrs de Bonrostro