Monday 30th March 2020 – Learning at Home Together

Good Morning P4J! 

Mrs Imrie has been in touch with Cheryl at Fairmilehead Church and we’re going to try share children’s art work via the church newsletter. This week’s theme is ‘Hello from Buckstone PS’ – Children are invited to create a piece of art and then email in a picture to the admin team by Monday 30th March.

Below are the tasks for Monday.

L.I We are learning to calculate half.

Here is an example of halving the number 64. Remember to partition the number then halve each digit, whilst remembering their place value. Then add the digits back together.

Daily Morning Challenge: Can you half the numbers below?

Spicy –   15   12    18     14     88      42       64        72      96      58      30     60

Hot –     124    468     782     1000      852       928        354        626        588


L.I We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

Spelling rule for the week: to make a word plural by adding ‘s’.

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Hot screws wheels showers rulers pencils parks towns apples months names

Spicy joints hounds crowds spotlights snails throats dreams elephants teachers computers

Tricky words herd / heard  – Can you find a definition for each spelling and write 1 sentence for each tricky word?


L.I – We are learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by 6.

Daily Maths Task: Write down your 6 times table, then write down the division facts for each.
Without looking, say your table out loud – remember you are adding on in sixes.

Choose a task based on how confident you feel. Use either the column method or the grid method. An example of both methods is below to remind you. Remember to use a ruler!

Mild: Complete Question 1

Spicy: Complete Question 1 and 2

Hot: Complete Questions 1, 2 and 3


L.I: We are learning to visualise the text through showing our understanding of the main ideas in a text.

Weekly Reading Task: Read 20-30 pages of your reading book.

Front Cover Task: Design a new front cover for your book. Remember to include the title and the author/ illustrator’s name.

Extra Reading Challenge: Write a short blurb for either your reading book or a book of your choice. Remember to make it punchy, and engage the reader…without telling them everything that happens!

Remember to read for pleasure every day for 30 minutes.

See the source image

We are continuing to develop our listening skills by listening to Elevenses at 11am with The World of David Walliams. Find the link at Buckstone Buzz.

L.I. We are learning to explore the 1st class passenger facilities on board the Titanic.

Weekly Topic Task: Draw 3 portholes. Create detailed drawings of what you would see if you were looking through each into 1st class on board the Titanic.

For example: you might draw the First Class swimming pool through one porthole.

If you have access to a printer you can download a porthole template here: Titanic Porthole Task


Weekly French Task:

L.I: We are learning to say the months of the year in French (Les mois de l’année)

French expression of the week:


L.I: We are learning to develop our fitness.

Daily P.E Task:  For all of P4J’s Strictly Come Dancing fans…. Oti Mabuse has a live dance class for kids on YouTube at 11:30am every day.  This is Oti’s YouTube channel

Keeeeeep Dancing!


To continue the fitness learning that we have been developing in P.E, you can stay active on YouTube with The Body Coach Joe Wicks. This is live at 9am every day on the link:

If you would like to keep up with Newsround, you can watch it everyday at 9:15am and 12:10pm here:

Have a lovely Monday Jumping Jigglypuffs 🙂