P2c Learning together at home 31.3.20

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31.3. 20 LTaH – summary of today’s post.

Spelling City P2 page


(if any pupil did not receive their sumdog login details, please contact me and I can email it to you)

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We are learning to identify compound words.

Compound words are when two words fit together to make a new one.

Mr T gives some examples here

Try  making a list of all the compound word things you can find in your house or garden

  • e.g. – fireplace, football, laptop, bookshelf

There is a worksheet attached below should you wish to use it (it’s the same one as yesterday, so if you have already used it that’s great)



You can practise your spelling block on Spelling City:

spelling city webpage.

There are also some spelling games on sumdog.

Remember – You can ask an adult to test you on your spelling words whenever you feel confident. If you do well, you can then move on to the next block. Please let me know if you do this as I’d love to hear about your success !


Can you circle all the vowels in your tricky words? Remember they are A E I O and U


Enjoy watching/listening to one of our favourite poems


  • What was it about?
  • What did you like about the poem?
  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite part?

You can answer these questions orally or, if you prefer,  write the answers  in your jotter or use the sheet below to support your learning. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and neat handwriting.


Numeracy and Maths

We are learning to add and subtract. You can find some challenges and activities on Sumdog

Daily 10 Addition and Subtraction

First choose the level. They are differentiated to support and challenge individual progression. Then work on developing your addition and subtraction skills.

Funky Mummy

This game allows you to practise quick recall of addition and subtraction within 10, 20 and 100. You could also have a go at recalling your double facts too!

You can also work on your addition and subtraction skills using these worksheets. You can do some, none or all. Please don’t feel you have to use them, they are optional.

Addition and Subtraction sums:




These calculations range from 50 – 1000! They’re mixed so make sure you look out for the addition and subtraction signs.

Interdisciplinary learning/skills development

Easter Card or Random Act of Kindness Card – Can you make a card for a family member, friend or neighbour and deliver it with an adult on one of your family walks.

Fun Ideas

Invention:  Invent and draw a robot to collect food from a local shop for someone who is staying at home.  Think about how the robot travels and how it is going to pick up and carry food.  Remember an invention has to be something new or something better than we already have.  You could build a model of your invention.

I enjoy taking photographs, so I’m going to try some of these photo suggestions. You might like to try some too. Remember always to ask an adults permission.



If you have any questions about the ideas provided, please send these to the school admin email and I will be happy to help you with anything.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the learning we have provided.

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning,