Learning together at home 1.4.20

Good morning everyone

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today and tomorrow morning.  Remember to try one or two tasks from the learning grid as well.


Last week we started to look at Time. I asked for you to practice reading analogue clocks down to 5 minutes. Below is some work for all of you to complete to check your understanding.

I now want you to focus on digital clocks, we are often more confident with these as all your electronic devices at home have digital clocks on them. We will be exploring further what happens when we switch to 24 hour time. Could you please watch the video.

To begin with I would like us to convert time between analogue and digital, Please complete the questions below.

Spectacular –

Same as above

Fantastic –

Worksheet first attached

clock analogue to digital

For tomorrow please practice 24 hour time as we will be working on that. I have uploaded a good powerpoint which will help and it has questions at the end. It is in our team, files section maths resources folder.

24 Hour Clock

Keep practising your 7 and 8 x table and division switchers so it becomes even more automatic, keep using what ever method you like the best.







Today for your main literacy task I would like you to use the vocabulary builder sheet that was in your pack. You have to lookout for any important, interesting or unfamiliar words while you are reading and make a note of them on the sheet. You can then use a dictionary or google to find out the definition of the word.  Your learning intention is below.

Vocabulary Builder

Learning Intention

We are learning to show our understanding of a text in different ways.

I have also included your reading for this week, you could read it with your parents and they could use the blooms questions that were also in your pack. I would use the remembering again questions today.

GRK –              Last week  – Page 135 – 155

This week – Page – 156 – 176

GRK –              Last week  – Page 1 – 18

This week – Page – 19 – 39

Belladonna –               Last week  – 1 – 18

This week – Page – 19 – 39

Flat Stanley – Last week  – Page 67 – 84

This week – Page – 85 – END

ERIC Reading

Please remember its so important to try to spend time each day completing silent reading on a book of your choice. Try to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are also stories on audible which are free to listen to. Click on this link.



Remember to use the spelling document and practice your words and the spelling rule again.

Learning intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities


Word of the Day – “tongue-tied”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Brian had never felt so nervous and tongue-tied


Hope you have a good day and remember to check back tomorrow