P3M 1.4.20 Learning at home together

Hello everyone, I hope that you and your families are all keeping well and that you are managing to enjoy some time outdoors. I have been enjoying my daily walks up the Braid hills. There is an amazing view of our city from there and I like seeing all the dogs running about so happily.

Parents, please remember that the activities we are suggesting are for guidance only. If your child shows a particular interest in a certain area, please be guided by them and let them explore this through reading, writing, drawing, practical activities, research or in any other way which motivates your child. Lots of parents are focusing on cooking, gardening and crafting which are all valid areas of learning. Enjoyment of an activity makes it much more achievable and we appreciate that many parents are also working from home and time and devices may be limited.



Mental Maths

Today , you could practise addition using near doubles. Try to increase your speed.

6 + 5

4 + 3

9 + 8

11 + 10

7 + 6

8 + 7

12 + 11

13 + 12

9 + 10



Information Handling

This term we have spent some time looking at methods of gathering information and displaying it in ways which are clear and easy to understand. Today we are going to display information using a BLOCK GRAPH.

You will need a sheet of your square paper, a ruler, a pencil, a rubber and coloured pens or pencils.

First of all, draw a graph like the one shown in the photo.

info. handling


The title of your graph is – Word length- write this at the top, like the photo.

Your graph has two axes , the bottom axis ( horizontal axis) is – Number of letters.

The axis up the side of the graph ( vertical axis) is- Number of words.

Now, find a book and open it at any page.

Choose a word and count the letters.

Find the correct column on the graph and colour one block, to make it easier to read your graph use a different colour for the different number of letters.

Do this for 25 words

Once you have completed your graph, you could make up some questions about your graph, for example – How many words have 6 letters in them?



Choose an activity from your spelling grid to help you learn your words.


Dolphins : ‘Snooty Prune’ by Pippa Goodhart

What did you enjoy about this book? Give reasons for your answer and remember to write in sentences.

Have a look at the blurb at the back of the book. Think about how you could summarise the story and re- write a blurb for the back of the book. For example you could begin like this –

Prunella doesn’t enjoy school because people make fun of her name but a present from Mrs Farey………………………

You will get a new book tomorrow.


Cheetahs : Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

You should now have finished this book.

Summarise the story : what happened at the beginning? How did Stanley and his family feel? What kind of adventures did he have? How does the story end?

Write 3 sentences expressing your opinion of the book. What did you enjoy/not enjoy  about it ? Why?

On the back of the book underneath the blurb is a list of other Stanley books- If you were going to write a Stanley story, what would yours be called ? You could draw a front cover for this on one of the blank pages in your jotter.  Remember to include the title and your own name.

You will get a new book tomorrow.

Tigers : The Foggy Day by Roderick Hunt

Read the book aloud again. Ask someone at home to help you.

Talk about the following:

Look at pages 6 and 7, how do you think the family are feeling? Why do you think this is?

Look at pages 8 and 9, why do you think Dad stopped the car?

Look at pages 10 and 11, how did the children help each other to stay together?

Draw a picture showing a foggy day.


The Scarf by Roderick Hunt

Read the story again with someone at home, work on any words you are finding tricky.

Discuss the following with someone at home:

Look at pages 6 and 7, how do you think Anneena feels about her scarf?

Look at pages 12 and 13, why was the ice not safe?

Look at pages 14 and 15, why could Anneena’s mum not go on the ice to help the boy?

what was Anneena’s good idea?

Can you think of another situation where Anneena’s scarf could be used to help or rescue something or someone? Draw a picture of it in your jotter.


Lizards : ‘The Motorway’ by Roderick Hunt

Answer these questions in your jotter. Take a new page or draw a neat line with a ruler underneath your last piece of work . Put the book title at the top and today’s date.

Remember to use the question to help you answer and answer in proper sentences.

Why do you think the children enjoyed staying with Gran? ( The children enjoyed staying with Gran because…………….)

How did they get the kite down from the tree? ( They got the kite down from the tree by……………)

Why was Gran upset? page 12 ( Gran was upset because………)

Why do you think they wanted to build a motorway?

In your jotter design a poster protesting at the motorway. Make it bright and colourful and write a simple sentence which will get the message across.

Lions : ‘The Emergency’ by Mike Poulton

Make sure you have read to the end of the book.

Answer these questions in your jotter. Take a new page or draw a neat line with a ruler under your last piece of work. Put the title of the book at the top and write today’s date. Remember to answer in a full sentence and use the question to help you.

Read p.17 Why do you think Mrs Lacey told the boys to  make sure Toffee was kept on his lead? ( Mrs Lacey told the boys to keep Toffee on his lead because………..)

Read p. 21 ‘You’d better not, ‘ hissed Toby- Instead of using the word ‘said’ the writer uses ‘hissed’ – Why do you think he uses this word? ( I think he uses this word because……)

Read p.27 How did Toffee trap Toby and Jim in the phone box?( Toffee trapped Toby and Jim in the phone box by……………………….)

Toffee is Mrs Lacey’s pet, she also has a cat. If you could chose a pet what would you chose and why? If you already have a pet, write 3 sentences telling me all about him/her. You could draw a picture in your jotter to go with your writing.