Wednesday 1st April 2020 – Learning at Home Together

Good Morning P4J! 

Below are the tasks for Wednesday.

L.I We are learning to sequence numbers.

Daily Morning Challenge: Sequences

Watch this video to remind you about number sequences: 

Can you find the rule for each sequence below and then complete them?.

4   8   12   16  _   _   _   _

3   5   8   12   17   23    _    _    _    _

3   6   12    24   _    _    _   _

16   20   _   28   32   _   _

Can you create 3 sequences of your own and challenge a member of your family?


L.I We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

Spelling rule for the week: to make a word plural by adding ‘s’.

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Hot screws wheels showers rulers pencils parks towns apples months names

Spicy joints hounds crowds spotlights snails throats dreams elephants teachers computers

Tricky words herd / heard

Extra Challenge – Choose 4 tricky words from your ‘high frequency’ list and practise these words using one of your spelling activities.


L.I – We are learning to apply our multiplication skills to word problems.

Daily Maths Task: Remember RUCSAC when you are dealing with a word problem:

  • Read the question.
  • Understand what the question is asking you to do (you can also underline the key words).
  • Choose the method most appropriate to solve the calculation.
  • Solve the calculation.
  • Answer the question (remember to answer fully. For example 22 apples, 12 cakes, 3 pears).
  • Check your answer. Read the question again – does your answer make sense? Can you try the inverse calculation to check your answer? (For example, if you calculated 2 x 3 = 6 , then try 6 ÷ 3 to check your answer).

Spicy Task: Complete the sheet below:

Hot Task: Complete the task below:

Extra Challenge: Can you create multiplication word problems of your own for others to solve?


L.I: We are learning to write a diary entry.

Daily Literacy Task:  This is your opportunity to edit and assess the diary entry that you wrote yesterday.

Check your work and edit your work to improve your writing:

  •  Check your work for capital letters at the start of every sentence and for every noun (a place or a name).
  • Check your spelling. If you are unsure, can you use a dictionary to help you?
  • If you have access to a thesaurus, can you improve your vocabulary? You can also use:
  • Assess your work against the Star Steps below. Have you missed any key information? Can you describe anything in more detail?

Star Steps:

  • Primary 4 non-negotiables (full stops, capital letters, cursive handwriting, finger spaces).
  • Write in the first person (I, my, me, we)
  • Write in the past tense (you may use words such as: was, were, had, and words with the suffix ‘-ed’).
  • Use linking words (After, Next, Then, Afterwards)
  • Describe the Titanic (what did it look like, what did it smell like, what could you hear?)
  • What are your thoughts and feelings?
  • What is your opinion of the Titanic?

Can you assess your writing from yesterday and give yourself Two Stars and a Wish based on our Star Steps?

See the source image


Weekly Reading Task: 

Remember to read a book for pleasure every day for 30 minutes.

See the source image

L.I: We are learning about the Hinduism belief of karma and reincarnation.

RME Task:

An important belief from Hinduism is the belief in karma. This means that good actions are rewarded and bad ones are punished. Hindus believe in the cycle of karma and reincarnation. When someone dies, they could be reborn as another human (if they have good karma), or as an animal, bug, or even a plant (if they have bad karma).

This video explains a little bit about the Hindu belief of karma and reincarnation: 

In the video from 1:06 to 1:55, we can see an illustration of a karma cycle. Can you draw your own karma cycle? Remember to draw the different stages of life, eg. baby, child, teenager, adult. These should go around in a circle and have arrows pointing to the next stage like in the illustration. You will need to decide how to end your cycle!

Bad karma: The cycle could end with being reborn as an animal or bug – you can decide what someone with bad karma could be reborn as.

Good karma: The cycle could end with being reborn as another human. It goes around in a full circle.

Moksha: This is when the cycle of karma ends and Hindus believe they can become one with God.


L.I: We are learning to develop our fitness.

Daily P.E Task: 

You may wish to access Active School’s A-Z guide to staying active and healthy at home:

For all of P4J’s Strictly Come Dancing fans…. Oti Mabuse has a live dance class for kids on YouTube at 11:30am every day.  This is Oti’s YouTube channel

Keeeeeep Dancing!


To continue the fitness learning that we have been developing in P.E, you can stay active on YouTube with The Body Coach Joe Wicks. This is live at 9am every day.


If you would like to keep up with Newsround, you can watch it everyday at 9:15am and 12:10pm here:

Have a lovely Wednesday Jumping Jigglypuffs 🙂