P4W Wise Woodies Learning at Home Together

Hello everyone!        I enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday.

I hope you have been enjoying the lovely Spring weather too.

Thursday 2 April 2020     2.4.20

Thursday Challenge – we are developing our place value skills- comparing and ordering numbers.

Using the digits-

                                            4         7          0          8

Write down the largest  number you can make then the smallest.  Next, make the smallest even number, the smallest odd, the largest even and the largest odd.

Write down more numbers you can make.  Put them in order, from smallest to largest.

Extra challenge –  do the same using 5 digits

Daily Mathswe are learning to recall 2x  4x  8x   5x  10x    3x and 6x table facts quickly and accurately.

Task- Complete the Speed Tables sheet from your pack.

SUPER– Complete one     FANTASTIC– complete both    SPECTACULAR – Time yourself. Try to improve your speed on the second.

Writing – we are learning to create a poster.

Task  -create a poster that The White Star Line might have used to advertise Titanic’s maiden voyage, travelling in First Class.

Success Criteria– An eye-catching layout.

A bold title to attract the reader- draw guidelines, use capital letters.

Short, snappy sentences /phrases- to give exciting information about where Titanic will be sailing to, the luxurious First class cabins and suites. Also the fabulous facilities/ things to do on board.

Attention grabbing pictures.


Spelling –  We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose an activity from the grid in your learning pack.

Spelling rule for the week: adding ‘s’ to make words plural. Please see Monday’s  list.

Extra Challenge– write the next four words in your ‘ High frequency’ list three times using your neatest cursive handwriting. Self assess each line- which word looks the neatest?


Include 30 minutes of reading for pleasure in your day– this can be fiction, non-fiction, a comic , instructions on how to make something

We are continuing to develop our listening and visualising skills by listening to Elevenses at 11am with The World of David Walliams – find the link at Buckstone Buzz.

 Enjoy a work-out todayit could be dancing, skipping, developing  your fitness with Joe Wicks or working on your own fitness routine to share with your family.

Enjoy your day, everyone!