Learning Together at Home- Friday 3rd April

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This will be the last blog post until Tuesday 21st April.

Perhaps not the holiday we were looking forward to but have fun spending time with your family. I will be taking Mabel on lots of long walks!

I have been asked to upload the letter below regarding the 1140 hours after Summer.

Here are a selection of photographs from this week.

Also here are a few super examples linked to the story ‘WOW! SAID THE OWL!’

“WOW! said the owl….a picnic blanket is floating in the sky.”

“Wow! Said the owl, there’s a big love heart that everyone wants to hug.”

Take care and stay safe. I am thinking of you all.

Have a lovely holiday everyone and I will be in touch on Tuesday 21st April.

Eat lots of Easter Eggs!!!

Miss Davidson and The Nursery Team 🙂