Learning Together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 3.04.2020

Good morning my lovely Dragonflies!

It is Friday!

Friday is always a really fun day for us as a class. We usually enjoy PE in the morning with the Butterflies and then enjoy some handwriting and independent learning time after break. Please make sure you have as fun a day as possible today 😊 I hope you are still joining me for the P.E with Joe Wicks at 9am.

Today I will be at our hub school looking after some children that need to go to school.

I have been sent lots of amazing pictures of your learning this week through both email and the e-learning journals. It is lovely to see that you are having fun at home with your family, parents or grown ups that are looking after you. Well done to you all and also a massive thank you to all of your parents for their hard work helping you with your learning, we are all in this together!


Remember parents, that our priority at the moment is the mental and physical well being of the children and parents so there is no expectation for you to do all the home learning ideas that I am posting every day, it is guidance. As I said before this is a challenging time for us all.


General ideas

  • Revise single sounds of the alphabet (Jolly Phonics songs are available on YouTube)
  • Review digraphs: oo and ew
  • Review tricky words her and of
  • Continue to work on sounding out and blending to read words

Focussed learning

Handwriting: We are going to practice our letters d and f. You will find the sheet below in your pack. Please finish each line and remember to start where the dot is.



General ideas


This game involves Miss Hutcheon’s favourite character from a book (she wanted to share this with the Dragonflies). Can you guess who it is before you click on the link?


Number bonds/doubles/halves:


Telling the time to the hour and half past:



Number formation.

I have noticed that most children in the class find it tricky to write numbers the right way so now you can try to practice this skill.img_4106

You can use the worksheets  from the pack  as guidance to work on number formation from 6-7. Why don’t you try to do it using flour on a table, shaving foam, finger paint, using loose parts materials? Please don’t feel you need to use the worksheets!

Our last song for the term is…



Have a wonderful ‘Stay in holidays’.

I am planning to have a fantastic time with family. My goal is to create album photographs for my girls as my youngest will be 10 during the holidays and my eldest will be 15 before the Summer. I will also celebrate my birthday at home, I wonder if I will have a special cake… I will tell you everything after the ‘Stay in holidays’.

Here are some Easter Activities for you:

Easter Activities

Please do take care and stay safe!

A massive thank you  to all parents for your great effort to keep the learning going despite the circumstances. Well done to you all!

Next post will be up on Tuesday 21st  April.


Mrs de Bonrostro