P3 French Friday 3.4.20

At the start of primary three we learned some new French vocabulary on the subject of food.

Do you remember the words for : fish, milk, chips and chicken?

They are:

Le poisson – fish

le lait – milk

les frites – chips

le poulet – chicken

Practise saying them again. You could make a drawing of each food item on a piece of card or paper and ask someone at home to hold them up one at a time so you could practise.

We are going to watch a short film where a puppet called Tonton keeps interrupting Heidi because he feels hungry and thirsty.

j’ai faim – means, I am hungry

j’ai soif means, I am thirsty

Watch the film and see if you can hear the puppet saying these phrases.

Watch the film again. Can you hear the words for bread, cheese and chocolate?


They are :

du pain- some bread

du fromage- some cheese

du chocolat – some chocolate

What does Tonton drink?

du lait et du jus d’orange – some milk and some orange juice

Well done if you managed to hear some of these words. Watch the film to help you with your pronunciation .

Joyeuses Paques tout le monde!