Learning together at home 21.4.20

Good morning everyone

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and welcome back to our virtual classroom.

Below you will find your numeracy and literacy tasks for today and tomorrow morning.  We have created a brand new learning grid for the next two weeks. This provides you with additional learning across different subjects. I have attached it below. Remember to try one or two of these tasks each day

Here is the learning grid for you to download.

P5 Learning Grid WB 21.04.20


This week we are going to finish with our focus on division, we will look at dividing by 9 today.

Mental maths

As i have mentioned we are going to be changing our numeracy focus away from multiplication and division so could you please practice a mixture of all you have learned over the next couple of days using the loop cards game on topmarks. Its a great fun way to test yourself. Here is the link.



Here is a 9 x table speed test for you to have a go at, see if you can compete against someone in your house.


I have taken a photo of the questions I would like you to complete. Remember to traffic light your work when you finish with how confident you feel and then use a calculator to self assess your work and traffic light again and see if your assessment matches.

Learning Intention

We are learning to divide by 9 using different strategies

Here are the questions for spectacular

Here are the questions for fantastic, these are if you have not worked on remainders yet. If you find these tricky then remember your 9 x table above 90.

9 x 1 = 9                9 x 2 = 18              9 x 3 = 27                 9 x 4 = 36                9 x 5 = 45

9 x 10 = 90,          9 x 20 = 180          9 x 30 = 270             9 x 40 = 360           9 x 50 = 450

See how you get on with these ones. Use the example below to help.



Today for your main literacy task I would like you to work on your comprehension skills. I have attached an information sheet on one of our senses, sight. This continues on with our focus on the human body which is still our topic. Within the file there are 3 different sheets with differing levels of detail, 1 star would be super, two stars would be fantastic and 3 stars would be spectacular.The stars are in the bottom left hand corner of the sheet.

I have uploaded this file into our team page as it was to large for the blog post. It is saved in files and in the folder resources for literacy. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

I would like you to follow the success criteria below and complete an information sheet in your own words.

Extension – Try to answer the understanding questions on the sheet.

Learning Intention

We are learning to read for information

Success Criteria

I can read the information sheet in detail, making sure I fully understand it.

I can highlight the information I think is important

I can take notes using my own format, eg – mind map, bullet points

I can create and information sheet in my own style and in my own words

ERIC Reading

Please remember it is so important to try to spend time each day completing silent reading on a book of your choice. Try to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes.

There are also stories on audible which are free to listen to, they have lots of great titles.



I have a new spelling rule for you to work on this week, please use the activities on the word document to practice each day.


Learning Intention

We are learning to spell a set of words accurately using different activities

Word of the Day – “humiliated”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Task:  Write a paragraph using the sentence starter below

Yin had never felt so humiliated


Hope you have a good first day back and remember to check back tomorrow.