Learning together at Home. P1 Divine Dragonflies. 22.04.2020

Good morning, Dragonflies!

I hope you enjoyed your yesterday’s tasks! It is lovely to be back. I have started to see some of your work and happy memories from the Easter holidays on your e-learning journals. Please keep adding to them.

Please see below for your ‘Learning together at home’ tasks. Each day I will post a new blog at 12 noon. There will be a focus task for Literacy, Numeracy and Reading each day along with general extension tasks you can complete throughout the week. Happy learning!


Focus: Writing

Today it would be great if you could write about what you did during the Easter holiday. Please use the jotter from the pack.

Remember to draw a very detailed picture of your favourite thing you did in the Easter break. Then start by writing:  In the Easter holiday I

Tell me everything you can about your holiday.

For example: I baked cookies… Then tell me why you liked it: I liked doing this because….

Non negotiables:

  • Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Finger spaces between words.

The adult who is helping you can write the sentences starters and you can copy them. However if you want a bit of a challenge try to sound out the words and write them without help ( Adult, please don’t focus on  correcting the spelling to start with if it is phonetically correct).

I would love to see your amazing writing.


Lions: Spots!

Lizards: Dig, dig, dig!

Dolphins: Floppy’s bath

Cheetahs: By the stream.

Please complete the reading activity for today:

Re-call the story then read it to someone at home independently.



Focus: Halves

I can share out a group of items by making smaller groups and can split a whole object into smaller parts. MNU 0-07a

  • Splits a whole into smaller parts and explains that equal parts are the same size.
  • Uses appropriate vocabulary to describe halves.
  • Shares out a group of items equally into smaller groups.


Please watch the following video:

I have attached two power points to help you understand fractions. Please complete both power points in order. We will be focusing on ‘halves’ and key vocabulary such as equal, whole, half, share.



After looking at and discussing the power points – please play the following game. You will have to decide if the shape has been halved equally or not.



General Tasks for the week:

Forward and Backward number sequences:

Counting in 1s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znfk8xs

Counting in 2s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkjv382



Provide a variety of food images cut from magazines, printed out from the Internet or drawn. Students plan a picnic and choose the food they want to bring along. Using a ruler and scissors, cut portions of their food choices into fractions (halves) and glue them to a paper plate. – You could also do this with real food. Always remember to focus on the key vocab – halves, quarters, equal.


Letters and Sounds Games:



Challenges 21.4.2020

I hope you enjoy these tasks!

Please keep sending me pictures on your learning journals. If you have any issues accessing them let me know by emailing the school office.


Mrs de Bonrostro