Learning Together at Home- Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today we are focusing on Maths & Numeracy.

Here is a picture of Mabel. She was 4 yesterday so she celebrated by eating lots of cake!

We also went a huge walk in the holidays near our house! This is my favourite place.

Here is a request from Fairmilehead Church:

The church has been given a lovely big pot of daffodils at the church door but they won’t last so are asking old and young to paint stones and leave them at the church door instead when passing on their daily exercise. It could be a stone painted with a rainbow, it could be a stone painted with some flowers, it could be anything the children would like to paint. 

The idea is that that when the pandemic is over, we will keep all the stones as a memory of how the children played their part so well by adapting to being at home and not seeing school staff or friends and how as a community we looked after one another, painted rainbows and put teddies in the window. 

All of the nursery staff will be responding to your posts on the e-journals from this week. We will be sharing the joy of seeing and replying to your photos.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Miss Davidson