P3 Handwriting

Before you begin today, your might want to warm your fingers up ready for some beautiful writing.

o, v, w, x

Today we will revise the above letters. They all join to other letters in the same way.

As usual, if you have been working on longer paragraphs, choose a book, poem, or even an article from a newspaper or magazine, and copy that in your best handwriting. Really think about o, v, w and x today.

If you were working on non-cursive letters in class, then keep doing so or try to form some of the cursive letters. Do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Think about our ‘Star Steps’ for writing before you begin:

  • Hold your pencil correctly (see previous video).
  • Sit with good posture; up straight, feet on the floor and no leaning on your hands or arms whilst writing!
  • Start each cursive letter from the same position on the line.
  • Keep your pencil on the page until you are finished writing a word.


Form the letter o as shown in the video below and then continue for a whole line.


Next, try a row of ‘v’.


Now, try ‘w’.


There is more than one way to form a cursive ‘x’. We talked about this in class and decided on our preferred way. Using our way, we don’t need to take the pencil off the paper.

Writing Words

Now write some words and a sentence using the letters we have been revising.

Don’t forget to self-assess your handwriting! Remember ‘pink for think’ (or ‘pink for practice’) and ‘green for great’.