P3M Learning Together At Home – Wednesday 22 April – Maths

Mental Maths

For mental maths today, choose at least one of the following activities:

Count forwards and backwards in 2s from 2.

Count forwards and backwards in 5s from 5.

Count forwards and backwards in 10s from 10.

Count forwards and backwards in 3s from 3.

Count forwards and backwards in 4s from 4.


Choose another sequence to count in (e.g. count forwards and backwards in 8s from 8.)

Daily 10

Go to Topmarks and play ‘Daily 10’. Go to level 2 > Multiplication and pick a table or tables to work on. For additional challenge, go to level 5.



Play ‘Hit the Button’. Select ‘Times Tables’



If you don’t have access to a device, pick a times table and use two dice to give you a multiplication sum.

For example, if I chose the 4 times table and I rolled a 3 and a 4, I would add 3+4 together to make 7 and then work out the answer to 7 x 4.

If you do not have any dice at home, write the numbers 0-12 on little pieces of paper and turn them over so you can’t see the numbers. Pick a times table and a piece of paper to create a multiplication problem for you to answer.

Information Handling

Continue to work on the bar graph worksheet posted yesterday.