P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s sunshine.

Wednesday 22 April 2020    22.4.20

Wednesday Challenge- we are learning to partition a number to show the value of each digit.

For example   4561 is 4000+500+ 60 +1

Split these numbers into their place value parts  267   5476   2096   3409   8670   1034   7349

Extra challenge – choose 2 of the numbers.  Partition them then use the grid method to add them together. Do this 3 times.


Daily Mathswe are learning to make links between the 3, 6 and 9 times tables. We are finding  patterns in the 9 times table.

Task– Write out the 3 and 6 times table, side by side. Make links between them. Remember- the answers double!

Cover the 6 times table facts.

Read the first 3 x table fact and without looking, say the corresponding 6x table fact. Just as we do with a partner in class.   1×3=3   1×6=6        2×3=6   2×6=12       3×3=9   3×6=18  

Next step Write out the 9 times table beside the 3 and the 6 times. Can you identify any links?

Look carefully at the 9x table. What patterns can you see?  Talk about them with your family.   Say the 9 times table out loud, whisper it, sing it!

You will be receiving you Log-in and password for Sumdog from the school office very soon.

I have set you two challenges!

Skills we are developing– Time and times tables.


Daily Literacy –We are learning to use common and proper nouns. 

We are learning to improve our own writing by using capital letters for proper nouns.


Read the text carefully.

Identify the nouns and proper nouns.

Extra Challenge. Activity 4-

Improve this story starter below, just as we do in class. Use describing words and openers to engage the reader.

One night, Leroy was awoken by a sound he had never heard before. He opened one eye, then another and looked around.

Continue to write a short story about the events that followed. Think carefully about how you will be able to use common nouns and proper nouns. Can you show your skills?

Self – assess your learning.  How well can you identify and use common nouns and proper nouns?

We are learning to develop our reading skills.

As well as completing this week’s reading task, enjoy reading for pleasure for at least 30 minutes each day.

You will have been sent a message From Mrs Imrie and Cheryl about painting stones that can be left at the Church door. This sounds like a lovely opportunity to develop your art skills.


Have a good day, everyone!