P5M Learning Together At Home 22.04.20

Good afternoon P5M and welcome back!

I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine that we have been having. I have been out in the garden with my children as much as possible!

As this is the start of a new term, I want to remind you that I understand that every house is in a different situation. Some of you will have parents trying to work full-time from home, others may have brothers or sisters needing to access the laptop too. Please remember that you and your family should use this blog in a way that works for you all. I hope that you are finding it useful and supportive.

I will be on TEAMS at various points today and look forward to talking to you then.

Below you can find the word documents you need for today’s learning tasks.

Have a good day,

Mrs McFarlane

P5M 22.04.20

Imperative Verbs Worksheets

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