P2c learning together at home 23.4.20

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On Thursdays in school we do writing!

We are learning to use connectives.

Connectives are words that join two sentences together and can make your writing more interesting. For example…

I went outside to play. It started raining.

We can join these two sentences together to make it more interesting…

I went outside to play but it started raining.  

‘But’ is the connective.   Lots of us use the word ‘and’ to join two sentences but it’s not a very exciting word so we try not to use it often.

Write out these sentences in your jotter and choose a connective from the list below to join the two sentences. Underline the connective.

         because         so          but           then

  1. We wanted to go for a walk in the rain. We put on our wellies.
  1. We decided to go for a picnic. It was warm and sunny.
  1. I got dressed. I brushed my teeth.
  1. I like fish fingers. I love pizza more.
  1. It was very hot outside. The weather forecast was for rain after lunch.

Challenge– make up sentences of your own with connectives.


You can practise your spelling block on our Spelling City: spelling city webpage

If you have a scrabble set in your house, ask a parent if you can use the bag of letter tiles and see how many of your spelling words you can make with the tiles.


Read or listen to a variety of books and try this fun Reading Bingo activity by clicking the link below – how many can you cross off?

First Level Reading Bingo

* There’s a selection of website ideas at the bottom of the bingo game to help you access a range of amazing books to read or listen to for free.

Numeracy and Maths

We are learning to tell the time.

Answer these questions. You could write the answer in your jotter, or just answer the questions orally ( that means speaking or teling someone the answer)

1.Which is the second month of the year ?

2. Which month is between August and October ?

3. Which month is likely to be the hottest ?

4. Which month might be the coldest ?

5. In which month is your birthday ?

If you wish, you could try this Months wordsearch

Interdisciplinary learning/skills development

Lots of people are using rainbows as a symbol of hope at this strange time. Here is a picture of a rainbow of random stuff  that my friend made just for fun.

Rainbow challenge

Do you know or can you find out the names of the colours of the rainbow in French ?