Learning Together at Home 23.4.20

Hello P6F!

A reminder that although tasks go online at noon each day it is up to you to decide when you do these. Spread out the tasks and do not feel you have to complete everything in one day. Take the tasks and organise your own time.
Joe Wicks has a great workout everyday at 9am which is saved on his YouTube page to do whenever you like  . . .


Riddle – Yesterday’s answer – Bookkeeper

A girl has as many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?

Answer tomorrow . . .




Spelling – Pyramid spelling 

Write out all the words in your chosen list in the shape of a pyramid. Here is an example.

Spelling activity - 8/2/16

Remember the rhyme – ‘ i ‘ before ‘ e ‘ except after ‘ c ‘. Does this rule work for all your spelling words?


Here are the proof reading answers from yesterday – Proof reading answers

Literature Circles – either choose a book you are already reading or begin a new book. Remember there are a selection of free online reading sites at the moment (audible is one example)

Choose a chapter from the book (a chapter you have read) and complete one task from the Literature Circle booklet. REMEMBER to include as much detail as you can and do not rush the task. Write in full sentences and take care with punctuation and handwriting!

Here is a copy of the booklet just in case  . . . Literacy Circles task booklet with VCOP


Number – times tables

This week we are practising the 7 and 8 times tables.  Test yourself! How well do you remember your 7 and 8 times table?


Number – volume of 3D shape

Today we are going to revise volume of 3D shape. Does anyone remember the formula for calculating the volume of a solid 3D shape?

Here is a video to remind you . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2g3KQ_Uaag

Now have a go at practising this yourself  – choose which level you would like to tackle (mild, hot, very spicy etc)

The answers are at the bottom of the sheet. DO NOT look until you have had a go yourself.


I will save all the resources in Teams so if any file does not open have a look for it on Microsoft Teams.

As always any questions . . . just ask!

Miss Fotheringham