Learning together at home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 23.04. 2020

Good morning my Dragonflies!

How are you all? I hope you are all having a lovely week.

Fairmilehead Church are worried that their beautiful daffodils will soon lose their bright colour and are asking old and young to paint stones and leave them at the church door when passing on their daily exercise. It could be a stone painted with a rainbow, or a stone painted with some flowers, it could be anything you would like to paint. The idea is that that when the pandemic is over, Buckstone will keep all the stones as a memory of how you played your part so well with home learning and not out playing with friends and as a community we looked after one another. I am sure you could paint amazing stones and contribute with this lovely idea!

Here is your suggested learning for today:

Literacy Activities

Today we are going to introduce the sound oy.

I have attached the PowerPoint that we use in the class.

oy sound

  1. First slide: the children will be able to see three images. Ask the children to look at them (sometimes they might need to be prompted) and ask them to guess which sound they think they are going to be learning about.

Click the link for Geraldine!

  1. Second slide: Look at the sound and say all the words on it. If your child wants to help they can read them too however we will be doing blending on the next few slides so there is no need to do so.
  2. The next slides they have animation:
  • First you will see the sounds. Talk about how many sounds and how many letters. Make a point about there are more letters than sounds.
  • As you click say the sound, stretch the sounds, they will move to make a word.
  1. Tricky word: We have to see it look at the letters and practice it as it can’t be sound out. We need to learn it by heart.

oy sound ideas

  • Challenge: Could you read these sentences?

It was a hot week. Each day we were in the pool.

  • Be Geraldine! Look for things in the house that have the sound oy and take a photo and post it on your learning journal.

Challenge: Could you sound them out and write them without help?

  • Say a few words with oi and oy sounds and ask your child to sort them out. The adult can write them and then check together. Tip: oy is at the end of the word!
  • -oy connect five (see attachment).

Extension activities:

oy Sound Differentiated

Crosswordoy Connect Five

Reading books

  • Discuss the story – what you did/did not like about the story and why.
  • Can you design a different cover for your book?
  • Make sentences with the words from the story.

Lions: Spots!


Lizards: Dig, dig, dig!

Dig, dig,dig

Dolphins: Floppy’s bath

Floppy’s bath

Cheetahs: By the stream.

By the stream

Numeracy and Maths


I can share out a group of items by making smaller groups and can split a whole object into smaller parts. MNU 0-07

Success criteria

  • I can split a whole into smaller parts and explain that equal parts are the same size.
  • I can use appropriate vocabulary to describe halves.

Focus activities:

  • Your child could help you to prepare lunch, snacks, etc. ask your child to cut items in half: an apple, a banana, a bar of cereals.
  • See worksheets attached. Please make sure you discuss these while doing them. Ask your child to tell you how they are working their answers.







General Tasks for the week:

Forward and Backward number sequences:

Counting in 1s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znfk8xs

Counting in 2s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkjv382



Provide a variety of food images cut from magazines, printed out from the Internet or drawn. Students plan a picnic and choose the food they want to bring along. Using a ruler and scissors, cut portions of their food choices into fractions (halves) and glue them to a paper plate. – You could also do this with real food. Always remember to focus on the key vocab – halves, quarters, equal.


Letters and Sounds Games:



Challenges 21.4.2020


Please let me know if you need any help. Remember these are only ideas for home learning, you can use them as you want and to suit your family situation. Please don’t worry!

It is lovely to see how everybody is walking and doing activities outdoors this is a fantastic opportunity to be outdoors. A couple of children have mentioned that they have heard a woodpecker on their walks, isn’t that amazing?

Have a wonderful day.


Mrs de Bonrostro