Learning Together At Home – Thursday 23 April

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a good day yesterday.

Here are today’s activities.


On Tuesday and Wednesday you were learning to read and interpret information from a bar graph. Today I would like you to draw your own bar graph.

First of all think about a subject. It could be activities a class enjoys at Skills time, favourite ice cream flavours or pizza toppings, pets owned by individuals in a class, different tins of food in your cupboard! The subject doesn’t really matter, you will probably have to make up the information unless you are going to use items in your house.

Once you have decided what your bar graph is going to show,  draw two lines on your square paper. Decide if the scale on the left of your graph is going up in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s 5s etc. My bar graph is going up in 1s. The line along the bottom should show the items you are displaying. For example, if your bar graph is going to show the tins you have in your cupboard,  you would have a list of beans, soup, chickpeas, tins of tomatoes etc.




Use a ruler to draw your lines and columns. Colour each column a different colour and try to write as neatly as possible.

Once you have drawn your graph , make up some questions to go with it. For example :

How many tins of tomatoes are in the cupboard?

What is there most of in the cupboard?

How many tins are there altogether?

How many more tins of beans than tomatoes are there?

If there is someone at home to help you, ask them to answer your questions using your graph. You could mark their answers to check if they are correct.



Writing activity

Watch the short film above.

In the film, the main character Tony is annoyed because he has to go to his grandfather’s house. He thinks it will be really boring and he feels cross at having to do this. But instead of having a really boring afternoon he has some wonderful adventures with his grandfather.

Write your own story about another adventure Tony and his grandfather could have. Maybe they travel through the desert on a camel or find treasure underwater on a sunken ship?

Think about these star steps when you are writing:

  • You are writing about Tony so use the words he and him and Tony.
  • You are using your imagination so you can use lots of interesting adjectives to describe where they are, what they are doing and how they are feeling.
  • Try to give your story a beginning, middle and end. You could write a plan first to help you.

If you would prefer to do a drawing to illustrate your adventure you have thought of, you could do that instead. Try to write some sentences to explain what is happening in your illustration.


Remember to choose a daily activity from your spelling grid to help you to learn your words or do an activity of your own that you find helpful. Dictation will be on Friday as usual.


I hope that you are managing to do some BEAR time every day. I have been enjoying reading, it is good to get away from screens and escape to another world for a little while.